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The primary cause of COPD (both emphysema and bronchitis) is smoking cigarettes, alongside regular exposure to tobacco smoke. Other causes include air pollution, such as dust and fumes, as well as infectious diseases and acquired genetic problems. The condition causes difficulty with breathing due to inflammation, wheezing, persistant chasty cough and frequent chest infections

Using this alternative massage therapy, chest clearance is improved and tension in the chest reduced.


Leg Ulcers

The most common type is a venous leg ulcer and often develops after an injury, or where persistant high pressure in the veins has caused damage to the skin. The result is red itchy skin, swollen ankles, aching or swelling legs, unpleasant discharge, discolouration and hardening of the surrounding skin and veins will often become enlarged.

By improving the circulation with the massage therapy, waste and toxins are removed from the affected area and more oxygen is delivered to help the body repair itself naturally.

leg ulcers

Leg & Foot Circulation

Good circulation is essential for repairing muscles in the legs and feet. Cycloidal vibration can improve blood vessel dilation and stimulate blood flow in the limbs of diabetics.

The massage function of our Cyclo-Therapy improves blood circulation by creating pressure to move through congested areas in the feet and legs. The release of this pressure causes new blood to flow in the lower limbs.

foot circulation