Set Yourself Free From Pain

with Cycloidal Vibration Therapy

Move More Freely.

After a short 20 minute treatment you could be feeling much more mobile and pain free.

Have A Better Quality of Life.

Treatment from Relieve My Pain can leave you with a new lease of life that you haven't felt in a long time. It really is that good!
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About Our Treatment

For centuries people have been using massage to help relieve their aches and pains and this can be costly. Our massage therapy offers an alternative, drug free solution to many conditions.

Watch our video on the left and see the difference it made to these people in a short amount of time.

Our Pain Relief Treatments

Relieve My Pain can help give you back your freedom and your overall quality of life.
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Pain Relief

Back pain, arthritic and sciatica pains has long & short term effects on your day-to-day life.

Our Features

If you suffer from pain and haven't discovered cycloidal massage therapy yet, then please take a look as it could make a huge improvement on your life.
Class 2a Medically Certified
Proven to help with medical ailments
50 Years experience trust
Leading Massage Therapy System

Latest News

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Mystery Solved

Fibromyalgia mystery finally solved! Researchers find main source of pain in blood vessels.

July 14th 2017
Powerful Role

Massage therapy’s powerful role in easing symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

June 1st 2017
Heart Health

Can massage therapy really be part of a heart healthy lifestyle?

Feb 14th 2017
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